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Visit the Sierra Chincua Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

Visit the Sierra Chincua Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary   If you did not get the chance to visit the Monarch butterfly Biosphere, you better go right now before it’s too late … soon, the Monarchs will slowly start their migration back to North. And, If you are on the road with your RV, than our Eco RV Park is one of the closest of the Monarch Biosphere. We offer you 22 spacious RV spaces (60 when completed) with full hookups (good water, stable electricity), a restaurant/kitchen area, bathrooms with showers, laundry service, terrace with panoramic lake view, recreational areas, spa services, cooking & yoga classes, and free & fast wireless internet. The RV park is gated and provides excellent security. Just call us in advance to make your reservation. Arturo, the owner, will help you to organize your day trip to the Biosphere. Visit the Sierra Chincua Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary and […]

RV ECO Farm Project – work in progress !

RV ECO Farm Project – work in progress ! We care for people and for the Earth by learning and experiencing a holistic, sustainable lifestyle. We have a vision to become an educational center to serve the local community by promoting environment awareness and sharing our experience & knowledge.  We are now at a stage to develop our own permaculture by producing our vegetables & fruits. We already have eatable organic cactus orchard, we also start to grown our own compost and we are now recycling plastics, cans, glass & cardboard. Eco Permaculture Movement = Live Healthier And Reverse Your Carbon Footprint on the Earth To be able to co-create this huge project, every little gesture counts. Here is the latest update. We cleared up an area as Kinds’ Kingdom. A tree house with a slide will be on this tree. The Helping hands built a stone path on their own. Collecting […]


IT’S A GO … RV ECO FARM PROJECT STARTS-UP ! Here are some magic moments that we captured recently about the start-up of our Eco Farm project. Every small gesture counts to build this dream that will become alive with the help of everyone. As you can witness in our slide show, the kids and our furry friends are involved too! Their energies contribute to inspire us to move forward in this project in order that we can inspire others to “LIVE HEALTHIER AND LOWER YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT ON EARTH!” Click here to read our invitation to join our RV ECO Farm Movement.   Our vermicomposting, the population of our wiggly friends is increasing. vermicomposting vermicomposting – full The Guava orchard – a food forest will grow from here in the near future. Guava Orchard Guava Orchard – 1 Guava Orchard – 2   The cactus orchard, before and after; […]